Miami Charter Buses

Charter Buses Miami Florida Miami Charter Buses is your trusted choice for party buses, charter buses & mini bus service. Our company has been providing transportation solutions. We are a family owned and operated business that ensures our customers receive the best service possible. Our goal is to make your next event successful and memorable so you will keep coming back to us. We have a large fleet of vehicles including full-size charter buses, minibuses, motorcoach and custom fleets. Our company offers charter bus rentals in Miami, Florida. We have been providing transportation solutions for many years and we have satisfied clients all over the country. Miami Charter Buses provides great service for all events including conventions, sporting events, school trips, porting events and more. We also offer charter bus rentals so you can travel in style with friends or family on your next vacation or trip! You can rent a party bus from us for your next night out or rent a coach bus for your birthday party. Miami Charter Buses has many vehicle options available so there is something for everyone! If you are planning a to transport a large group of people for a wedding, birthday, school field trip or even for a corporate outing, we have the best charter buses for hire. All of our charter bus rentals are maintained to the highest of standards. Each bus is meticulously cleaned and serviced daily to ensure your party is satisfied with our service.

Our charter buses vary in sizes based on your needs. We have a fleet of minibuses, shuttle buses, and your traditional charter buses that seat anywhere from 30-50 passengers! Call us now to make a reservation for whatever charter bus you require.

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Miami Charter BusesBus Rentals Near Me

Miami Charters is the leader in Miami Florida charter bus rentals. For years, we have been providing affordable transportation for groups, families and individuals visiting Miami Florida. We offer a wide selection of vehicles to ensure that you get exactly what you want at a great price. Whether your group needs a coach bus or minibus rental, we are here to help make your trip memorable! We can service all areas in Florida including:

MIA Charter Bus Rentals & Minibuses

Miami Charters is a company that offers the highest quality charter buses in Miami. We have over 30 years of experience in providing luxury transportation solutions for groups, families and individuals. Our fleet includes executive luxury coaches and motorcoaches for any event or occasion. We offer our clients the best charter bus rental services available in Miami Florida at affordable rates! Whether you want to explore Miami’s famous sights like Miami Seaquarium or South Beach on your own time, or if you need transportation for a birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion or even corporate travel needs—we can help! Our team specializes in providing reliable transportation with exceptional customer service so that everyone gets where they need to go on time with ease.

Motorcoaches and Minibuses For Rent

You can rent a motorcoach in Miami to take you on a tour of the city. This is a great way to see all the attractions and landmarks. The motor coach will pick you up at your hotel or home, then take you around town while providing food, drinks and entertainment. You can also take advantage of their restroom facilities! When it comes to renting a charter bus from Miami Charters, we offer high-quality vehicles at affordable rates. Our team will help find the perfect size charter bus for your party so that everyone has a comfortable ride to their destination whether it’s an airport or sporting event! With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry we make it easy for our clients because we understand that planning an event can be stressful so we want our customers’ journey with us to be as stress free as possible by providing excellent customer service along with great rates when renting from us today!

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Why Choose Miami Limos FL?

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted charter bus rental company in Florida, then Miami Limos FL is the right choice. We offer affordable rates, a wide selection of vehicles, and a team of professional drivers who are well trained to cater to your needs. Whether you need transportation for an event or business trip, our staff is on hand 24/7 to help you get where you need to go with ease. Our team has been servicing the local community, so we have built up an excellent reputation in the local area as being one of the most trusted transportation companies in Florida.

Luxury Charter Buses

Charter bus rentals are available in many styles, sizes and amenities. The luxury charter buses are equipped with in-vehicle entertainment systems, comfortable seating and a restroom on board. They can be rented for as little as $50 per hour or you may want to rent them for an extended period of time between two cities or states. For example: Our Miami Florida to New York City charter bus rental costs start at $1,500 round trip but this price does not include hotel rooms for your passengers or yourself if needed during your trip. Please contact us for more details regarding this service. You must decide whether you want to pay more now or pay less later when renting a luxury charter bus from our company because we believe that “you get what you pay for”. We know how important it is for travelers who need transportation services that provide comfort and reliability so we offer only top quality vehicles at affordable prices!

Charter Bus Pricing Explained

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or family vacation; the most important thing to consider when hiring a charter bus rental is price. There are many factors that can affect the cost of your charter bus rental. The size and make of vehicle will have an impact on the final price and may even effect what day of week or time of year you can reserve it for your trip. We have broken down some of these costs below so that you can get an idea what type of money to expect when renting one from us. Number of Passengers: The more passengers traveling together in one vehicle then generally speaking it will be cheaper per person as opposed to booking multiple cars or taxis which would need to be split between all members who are traveling together. Distance Traveled: Generally speaking longer distances tend to be more expensive than shorter ones because they require more fuel usage by both drivers and vehicles themselves.* Number Distance Driven Per Day: Most companies allow their drivers only eight hours on duty at any given time before needing some rest (8-hour rule). If this happens during peak times then expect there prices go up due demand being greater than supply available.* Number Days Used During Operation: While some companies offer weekly rates where customers pay less if they rent a vehicle every week instead monthly ones still charge full price regardless how many consecutive months were used consecutively without interruption.

Minibus Rentals

Minibuses are the perfect option for groups of eight to twelve people traveling together. A minibus rental is ideal if you are traveling to or from Miami International Airport, as they offer roomy seating, luggage storage space, and plenty of legroom. They’re also a great option for weddings as they not only provide ample room for all your guests but also offer professional-quality sound systems that allow for music during the ceremony and speeches at the reception. If you’re looking for transportation to sporting events or proms in South Florida, minibuses have everything you need: comfortable seats with extra headroom (for taller individuals), enough space on board so that everyone has room to move around comfortably throughout the trip; and even televisions/DVD players so passengers can watch their favorite movies or shows during down time on long trips!

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Mini Bus Pricing Explained

As the name suggests, the mini bus is a smaller version of a regular charter bus. The smaller size makes it ideal for smaller groups or families who want to be able to travel together. There are also many other advantages to booking a mini bus rental over a taxi or public transportation. In fact, there are several reasons why you should choose our Miami Charters services when planning your next trip! The average cost of hiring an experienced driver and vehicle through us is much lower than what you would expect to pay for an individual cab ride or carpool with friends. This makes our service great for people on either side of the financial spectrum: whether you’re looking for cheap transportation solutions or luxury travel options, we have something that will meet all your needs!

Motorcoaches For Hire

Motorcoach pricing is different from shuttle to venue transportation, because a motorcoach is larger and usually requires more passengers. The average price of a charter bus rental in Miami ranges between $300 to $500 per hour or $1000 to $3000 per day depending on the size of your group and length of your trip. That’s why it’s important that you call us for a free quote before making any reservations with other companies who will give you much higher rates than ours!

Motorcoach Pricing Explained

There are many factors that affect the cost of a motorcoach rental. The size and amenities of your bus will determine how much it costs to rent, but so will other factors like: Length of trip – the longer your trip, the cheaper it’ll be per mile. Number of passengers – if you’re traveling alone then there’s no one to split costs with! Time of day – night trips are cheaper than daytime ones. If you’re on a tight budget we recommend booking at night when most people sleep anyway.

Charter Bus Rental Services

While you are exploring Miami, one of the most popular cities in Florida, charter bus rental services are available to you. You can choose from various types of buses and vehicles to rent including:

  • Charter Buses
  • Private Buses
  • School Buses and Mini-Buses (available for pick-up at your hotel or home)
  • Airport Transportation Service (airport shuttles available 24 hours a day)

If you need group transportation to an event, Miami Charters has corporate travel packages that provide buses with pre-arranged stops at restaurants and hotels along the way. Have your wedding ceremony on one of our luxury coaches while traveling around town or have a prom night cruise to enhance your experience! We also offer private charters for pub crawls, employee shuttle service, church outings, Greek events and more.

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Airport Transportation Buses For Rent

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the largest airport in Florida. It’s located close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and it has a lot of places you can visit from there. If you’re flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), then you’ll have plenty of fun things to do in South Florida as well. You may want to spend some time at Miami Beach or go on an airboat ride through the Everglades if you’re feeling adventurous! If you’re coming into Miami Executive Airport (MIA), take advantage of this opportunity to explore all that beautiful sunshine while it lasts! This airport is also close to many other areas like Boca Raton, Key West, and Marathon which are great places for their beaches as well as great food options too!Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) might be another option depending on where exactly your flight lands after leaving whichever one of these airports mentioned above first; however if not then we would recommend using either FLL or MCO because both offer plenty more activities than just being able many other places nearby without having trouble getting there yourself though driving distances may vary depending on traffic.

Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

Miami Charters offers shuttle buses and limousines for all of your transportation needs. Our chauffeurs are experienced in providing safe, reliable service and professional presentation. Miami Charters has a fleet of vehicles that include: Chryslers, Excursions and mini-buses (up to 56 passengers). Lincoln Towncars (4-6 passengers). Mercedes Benz S550 Sedans (2-3 passengers). If you’re looking for wedding transportation or shuttle bus service within the Miami area, we have you covered! We offer shuttles to any event or venue including weddings, proms, formal events, graduation parties and more. Our drivers know the best routes to take so that traffic is kept at a minimum.

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

If you’re a coach and a sport team member, you know the challenge of getting your players to practice or games on time. A charter bus rental is the ideal solution for teams traveling in large groups. Charter buses can accommodate between 30 and 70 passengers depending on their size. Charter bus rentals are also great for sporting events, tournaments and team travel because they offer comfort and convenience while driving through Miami’s busy streets. Professional athletes are used to traveling in style so they’ll appreciate having access to amenities such as satellite TV, snacks and drinks on board. Miami Charters offers professional planning services that include online booking tools as well as 24/7 customer support so your trip will run smoothly from start to finish!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

Why rent a school bus from Miami Charters? School trips are more than just field trips, they are an opportunity for students to interact with their peers and have fun while learning about their environment. To make the most out of this experience, it’s important to plan ahead. You should choose a reliable transportation service that will keep your students safe and comfortable throughout the journey. School bus rentals are a great option because they offer several advantages over other types of buses: Convenience: School bus rentals give you flexibility when traveling long distances because they allow unrestricted stops along the way.* Cost effectiveness: Renting an entire charter bus from Miami Charters means that there will be fewer stops during your trip as compared to using two smaller vehicles.* Fun factor: There is no better way for kids to enjoy themselves than being together inside one big vehicle—the excitement grows as soon as they see each other again after school!

Government Charter Bus Rentals

For government charters, we have vehicles ranging in capacity from 20 to 55 passengers. If you want to reserve a charter bus rental for your next event, then give us a call today. Our fleet of charter buses is available for military groups who are looking for transportation solutions. We also provide school group transportation solutions, as well as sporting events and special events such as weddings.

Prom and Formal Shuttle Service

Want to make sure your special event runs smoothly? Miami Charters can help. We offer a variety of charter bus rentals and other transportation services for weddings, proms, and other formal events. Our vehicles are fully-equipped with the latest amenities to ensure you arrive at your special occasion feeling relaxed and comfortable! Once there, they’ll drop you off so that you can have fun without having to worry about driving home drunk or paying for parking (or even finding street parking). Call us today!

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Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Motorcoaches

Miami Limos is the best way to experience a Greek event in the Motorcoaches. Miami Limos is known for providing excellent service and affordable prices for all types of charters in Miami, Florida. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our services and look forward to serving you soon!

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

Homecoming is a time of year when high school and college students have the opportunity to come together, celebrate their accomplishments and reminisce about their days of glory. Whether you’re an alumni or a current student, homecoming is full of fun activities for everyone. You can look forward to tailgating in the parking lot, cheering on your team at an exciting football game, listening to live bands and dancing all night long! Whether you want a charter bus rental from Miami Charters or just need transportation from one venue to another on campus—we’ve got plenty of options available during this special event.

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

If you’re looking for a luxury hire, our fleet of minibuses can take you and your party around Miami with ease. We have models available for large groups, special occasions and more. Our minibus rental options are perfect for sports events, school trips and weddings too! For those who want to explore the city without the stress of driving or parking, we offer a range of minibus rentals that will get you where you need to be in comfort: Large groups – If your group is travelling together we can provide transportation in stylish mini coaches that can accommodate up to 14 passengers each. These vehicles are perfect if there is an even split between males & females as they allow everyone to sit next to their partner or friend! Pub crawls – These vehicles come fitted with coolers filled with ice cold beer which means they’re perfect when enjoying some drinks after work or during a weekend break away with friends! We also include table tennis tables inside each one so it’s easy enough to play while having fun at any location throughout Miami City Centre (MCC) area including South Beach (SoBe), Coral Gables etcetera.

Ongoing Employee Shuttle Bus Service

Employee shuttle buses are a great way to provide transportation to employees. Employee shuttle buses are a great way to reduce employee stress and save money. Employee Shuttle Bus service is also known as employee parking services, commuter shuttles, and employee ride-sharing programs. Employee shuttle bus service is increasing in popularity because it’s convenient for the employer and employees alike! Employers benefit from reduced traffic congestion, fewer car accidents due to rush hour driving conditions and lower insurance premiums by providing transportation for their employees who live in remote areas or have long commutes on the freeway. Employees benefit from more reliable transportation that gets them quickly back home after work so they can spend quality time with their families instead of sitting in gridlock traffic for hours every day!

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Steps To Rent Your Bus

When you are planning to rent a bus from us. We have several options to book your bus. Booking a charter bus can be done online or by calling us. You can also book a tour over the phone or via email, text and social media. To get started with making reservations for your charter bus rental, use our quote request form above, or call one of our friendly reservation specialists toll free at who will happily assist you in planning all of your transportation needs.

Popular Cities in Miami Florida

There are many cities in Miami Florida that you can visit on a charter bus rental from Miami Charters. Here are some of the most popular cities to rent a charter bus with:

  • Miami, Florida
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Margate, Florida
Attractions in Miami Florida

In Miami you will find that there are many attractions and activities to do. If you are interested in art, the Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the best places to visit. This museum has a lot of different kinds of art from all over the world and it is free for adults every day after 5 pm. If you want something more educational, another great place to go would be the Museum of Science which has fun interactive exhibits for children and adults alike. There is also an aquarium at this location where you can learn about marine life from around the world including sharks and dolphins! Another great place in Miami Florida is The Zoo! This zoo has thousands upon thousands of animals such as white tigers, crocodiles, zebras and one of my favorites-kangaroos (yep). If you like monkeys then this zoo may not be right for your family because they only have one monkey but if not then there are lots more species than just them including gorillas!

Airports We Service in Miami Florida

We provide our charters to Miami International Airport (MIA), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) and Tampa International Airport (TPA). The following airports are also serviced by us: Orlando International Airport, which is the second busiest airport in Florida and fifth busiest in the United States; Fort Myers-Punta Gorda Airport, a domestic passenger hub.

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